The Outlooker News

One day in the year of the Ox
Came a time remembered well
When the strong young doge of the rising chain
Heard the tolling of the great green gain


One day in the year of the Ox
When the bell began to ring
Meant the time had cometh for one to go
To the Mistswap Dex, to buy SMART and sing


Back with the people in the Telegram he stands
Giving, feeling
With just one touch of a strong right hand
They know
Of the SmartDoge, that is King

There’s a new doge in town

Every time someone buys (or sells) SmartDoge, they’re being taxed 5% and that 5% is redistributed to all the current shareholders of SmartDoge, in proportion to their existing holdings. Another 5% from the amount bought (sold) is also then added to the liquidity pool, which makes the coin appreciate in value even more, and also makes for easier buying of the token for new buyers! That liquidity is permanently locked, and can never be removed by anyone, since it is governed by the proprietary smart contract protocols on the blockchain! SmartDoge is currently the only coin on SmartBCH with such properties!


Contract: 0x6e6D4ECE35EEd638A1153339F69E543B7ae5F776

Tokenomics & Key Info

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000,000 SMART

Tokens Burned

680,000,000,000,000 SMART (68%)

Initial Liquidity

300,000,000,000,000 SMART (30%)

Liquidity Timelock

Initial liquidity timelocked for one month

How It Works

Transaction Tax

Every transaction is taxed by a total of 10% to support the price


5% of every transaction is distributed to all loyal SMART holders

Locked Liquidity

5% is automatically converted to permanently locked liquidity, reducing supply and creating an ever-rising price floor


  • Phase 1:

    ✅ 100 token Holders

    ✅ MarketCap.cash listing

    ✅ Telegram pricebot

    ✅ Listed on any 3rd party charting service like Nomics

    ✅ Custom circulating supply API developed

    ✅ 10000 USD permanently locked liquidity (at least 20 BCH in the LP)

    ✅ 200 followers on Twitter

    ✅ 200 Telegram group members

    ✅ Mentioned on a google indexed news post

    ✅ First giveaway done and redistributed

  • Phase 2:

    ✅ Officially listed on helpme.cash

    ❌ 500 Twitter followers

    ❌ 500 Telegram group members

    ❌ CoinGecko/CoinMarketcap Listing

    ❌ 300 holders

    ❌ Launching the SmartDEX leveraged trading/AMM platform on testnet

  • Phase 3:

    ✅ Mainnet launch of the SmartDEX

    ❌ 2000 holders

    ❌ Official recognition by mainstream media